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DeltaBossOne Progress

Post by DeltaBossOne on November 12th 2013, 21:48

This is the progress of DeltaBossOne's AW95 Helicopter:

Having struggles with the plans, I decided to make this site to help users with their projects. I am working on updating the plans to provide a better, updated, safer build.

I purchased my airframe from a gentleman in Georgia and had it shipped to my house. It came with the flight controls and a seat.

After the frame order was in, I ordered the plans from Vortech, inc.

I've contemplated selling the airframe because of an accident I had in 2010, being unable to provide the funds for the project. After healing and finding a better job, I dumped all my time and money on getting the AW to fly. As a Black Hawk helicopter crew chief and mechanic for the army, building this helicopter has come easier to make safer modifications and decisions about proper maintenance procedures.

I highly recommend purchasing the engine and main rotor blades first, since they take the most time to get. While you're waiting for them to come in, you can start the rest of the project.

I started getting to know local machine shops to have all my parts manufactured. I used a water jet company as well as a couple other machine shops. Having multiple people work on your parts, provides a faster turnaround (if you don't have your own equipment)

Also having a coupe people work on your helicopter that have a base knowledge of mechanical and helicopter fundamentals helps as well

Currently, I have to do a few more things to update parts and compete test runs. I will have a base aw95 model competed by spring and will be glad to post pictures. The modifications are ongoing.

Behind the scenes, I have multiple plan changes drawn up and modifications done to the main rotor blades. If anyone is interested, I will sell the blade modification for a fixed price of $2,600 which is less than the price of Vortech ($2,735). The modification information is upon request through PM (private message) with a waiver of liability.

Thank you for your interest.



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